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_a turntable starting from B-side

In 1976, when Bowie finished his “cocaine” period in LA and moved to Berlin, where he finished his “Berlin Trilogy” in the end. He and all the great minds started to record his new album, LOW. When Brain Eno used his “oblique strategies” on the team to form such new tracks and instruments, no one actually had a clue what the hell they were doing about, and everybody felt so bizarre how their recording was. However, luckily, Bowie said a quick and random sentence to the team. 


“Who listens to B-sides anyway.” 


After that, everybody keep experiencing their sound adventures about something was just not right. Five months later, the legendary first Berlin Trilogy album came out; LOW, which delivered a sound that no one had ever heard on earth before. After the rock-n-roll first seven tracks, when audience turned the vinyl to the B-side, the first track “Warszawa” faded into atmosphere. Something changed ultimately.

Yes, Mr. Bowie, people do listen to B-side actually. “LOW” is a small, portable, record player which starts to play on an album’s B-side. By revising the traditional turntable's functionality upside-down (the stylus points up), LOW  begins to play vinyl from its back, and has built-in speaker at top panel. Thank you David, hope you have a good time in heaven as well. 

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