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Triple Blade

_box cutter blade revolution


Sharp Blades for box cutter has been a big issue in recycle system because of the safety concern for local recycling program. In terms of material utilization, people only use 20% area on each blade piece. Once the tip gets dull, there’s still 80% of blade that is pristine and goes to landfill. Triple Blade is a box cutter designed to reach maximum material efficiency and create a safe circular system for blade recycling.

The redesigned double sharp blade with fence allows manufacturing 50% less height in blade. When users swap the side for cutting according to new breaking pattern, product life span can be efficiently prolonged to 3 times than normal knife with better material efficiency.


The bottom of the knife has a cork cap as damaged-blade container, dull blades can be broken off safely and stored in the cap, which goes into the recycle service system. Our product creates a circular economic system for repeated use of material. 

Team: Xiang Li, Yu-Han Wang & Beck Kao

2016 Cradle to Cradle Contest Participate, USA

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triple blade 03-03.png
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